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Thanks for reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions page. We are thrilled to partner with the top nationwide agencies and give them fast reliable candidates and new potential client opportunities. If you have any additional questions, please schedule a meeting with one of our teams specialist today.

Yes, there is a monthly or annual fee. Click here

The job position can stay on until the position is successfully filled.

Yes, you have the ability to create a private employee confidential job listing and have control of whether or not you want to add the employers name when you fill out the job listing form. We keep our partnerships and confidential families very private.

No, if a candidate doesn’t match for the position you posted previously, you cannot discuss other positions because they need to read over the new job description so you have the opportunity to recruit more.

No, we are building myEstateStaff.com to be one community, so keeping it easy for candidates to apply on one platform / website is more efficient and user friendly.

Absolutely! You can call us if you have any questions at #(917)-841-3377.

If you have any more questions, please email us: Contact@myEstateStaff.com