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Yes, Our partnership agencies get the opportunity to connect with our clients for a standard commission. This is a small fee of 10% for our referral.

The job position can stay on until the position is successfully filled. Usually the post will be deleted after six months, but our team will contact you before deleting.

Yes, you have the ability to create a private employee confidential job listing and have control of whether or not you want to add the employers name when you fill out the job listing form. We keep our partnerships and confidential families very private.

No, if a candidate doesn’t match for the position you posted previously, you cannot discuss other positions off the site.

No, we are building myEstateStaff to be one community, so keeping it easy for candidates to apply on one platform / website is more efficient and user friendly.

Absolutely! You can email us and set an appointment with one of our qualified team members.

You can attach screenshots/PDF of the recommendation letters underneath your resume, so you can attach and submit two documents.

If you do not hear a response from an employer or agency, don’t be discouraged.  It does not mean you are not a great candidate, but they hired another individual for that particular position. Keep applying for positions that match your background and introduce yourself to all the agencies.

No, but make sure you keep the same email address so you don’t get confused on what positions you have already submitted

Getting verified on myEstateStaff.com is letting us do a full background check on you, so when applying for positions, employers and agencies can see that you are a qualified candidate with a clean record and confirming your employment history.

Yes, doing a background check looks better when you are applying for a position, however it does not mean you are guaranteed the position.

Yes, if they think your resume matches their criteria, they will be submitting you to the client and arrange a meeting with their house manager, personal assistant or family member.

Yes, we highly recommend your business headshot to be very professional and high resolution.

We don’t write your resume, but because our team all have a background in private service, we can review your resume and give you feedback if you get verified. Email us: info@myEstatestaff.com

This depends on the position. Some clients recommend at least two years of private service background, but are interested in candidates with a strong recent work history that matches the job opportunity.

If you have any more questions, please email us: info@myEstateStaff.com