Explanation of Services

Below is a description of the most common services that ISS provides. Each of these searches may be conducted after ISS receives a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant release form signed by the applicant. ISS will provide the appropriate forms.

Criminal Search Statewide

Analysts conduct a search of the states courts records including criminal offenses and traffic violations (note: traffic violations are not typically reported on national searches). We will report not only past offenses, but also pending actions, including traffic cases.

National County by County Criminal Records Search

This search is the most thorough national search available. It searches all publicly available criminal records, not only in all state databases, but also county records in locations where the candidate has lived within the past seven years. In addition to running the subjects given name, we run AKA’s and “sounds-like” options. This search identifies any addresses associated with the person and checks the county records in that location.

Social Security Verification

We not only verify that the number provided is a valid Social Security number, but we also ensure that the number belongs to the subject and report the year that it was issued and in which state. This search may also reveal previous names and/or aliases associated with the applicant, as well as addresses associated with the number.

National Sex Offender

We conduct a national search through the Department of Justice which will reveal any person who is a registered sex offender.

Federal Court Records

With online access to the federal court system, we search for any criminal, civil or bankruptcy filings involving the candidate.

Credit History

Our credit history presents the subject’s financial indebtedness in an
easy to understand format. In compliance with FCRA, these reports cover the past seven years of credit history.

Education Verification

ISS contacts each college from which the applicant matriculated and seeks confirmation of graduation. We utilize the national clearinghouse only when the institution directs us to do so.


This search will provide any traffic offenses, revocations or suspensions
of the applicant’s driving privileges. The cost for each search varies from state to state.

Social Networking Sites

We search the most common sites including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter for inappropriate or unprofessional activities.


We conduct a preliminary search of print and electronic media archives
for news articles, stories and editorials that feature the candidate. This provides a snapshot of how the individual is portrayed in the media and highlights any issues or
controversies that may exist.


Investigators review the applicant’s military service record and report the

County Tax

Analysts verify the status of applicable property tax payments.